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The third issue of Ear to Mind newspaper is now available.

New Cover of 3rd issue jennifer Higdon cover

Click to view: Ear to Mind Newspaper April 2012


Feature: A Tale of Two Consorts by Anya Khalamayzer
CD Review: Ensemble Pamplemousse RAANA JEDAKU by Miriam Brandt

Interview: Jennifer Higdon by Ruyi Lu 8 Sonic Youth by David West

First-String Choral Pyrotechnics: Jack Quartet and the young people’s Chorus of New York City in Trasnsient Glory by David St. Lacaux

Between the Ancient and the Avant-Garde by Anya Khalamayzer

A visual analysis of Morton Feldman’s Triadic Memories by Vicent Raikhel

New Music Forum by Anya Khalamayzer
New Music Spotlight

 Score: First Beginnings and Second Beginnings by Dan Blake 


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